They’ve Awaken a Sleeping Giant

December 7, 1941 was one of the most tragic days in American history when there was a surprise attack on Pearl Harbor by Japan’s military. It was the final straw that plunged the U.S. into World War II.  2,390 American service men and civilians died that day. The next day President Roosevelt signed the Declaration of War and declared to the nation this is “A Date Which Will Live in Infamy.”

The war against Hitler had been raging in Europe for several years, but the US was reluctant to send troops into Europe to support Great Britain and Russia against the ruthless German war machine. It took this direct attack against America on the other side of the world to push us over the edge, and make us aware that we had no choice but to stand up against what was now two enemies with the intent of world domination.

A Date Which Will Live in Infamy.

President Roosevelt Signs Declaration of War

It was on this same day that Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto of the Japanese Imperial Navy said the following:

In the midst of Japan’s pride and Imperial confidence in destroying America, this Navy Admiral had great prophetic insight. Not only did America assist in the destruction of Nazi Germany, but it also destroyed the Japanese Empire.

The dropping of the Atom Bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki brought the end to the Second World War. Unfortunately, those two bombs instantly killed over 140,000 people, and leveled to the ground two major Japanese cities. It was one of the biggest tragedies in all of human history. The total loss of life was catastrophic.

It brought about the inception of the nuclear age; of which the world still lives under the fear of potential complete annihilation through these weapons.

In a sense we have entered a second Pearl Harbor with the one/two punch of the Coronavirus and the George Floyd killing. It has awaken however not just one, but several giants.

  • The first giant is the radical liberal Left; which includes the “mob,” the Democratic party, the liberal media, the call to “defund the police forces,” the Black Lives Matter organization and its military arm ANTIFA. These are the instigators fueling the radical left agenda, creating the regulations and response to Covid-19 crisis, and the violence behind the “racial” protests and destruction. This group is pushing for the takeover of the U.S. and the removal of all moral and Christian influences and history. They want to remove democracy and replace it with an atheistic Socialistic Capitalism, such as China has today. It’s setting the stage and fitting in with a One World Government agenda.
  • The second giant is the opposite side: the right-wing American Conservatives. [NOTE: They may not be so “conservative” and unradical in the future.] These are those that want to save America and maintain the economic prosperity that this country has enjoyed in the past. They are generally in support of President Trump; and are pushing for his reelection. They typically stand for liberty, freedom and moral Judaeo-Christian values. In many respects I share the same concerns and convictions with this group in many areas, although I am not a part of this group.
  • A third giant (hopefully) is: True Christian believers and the End-time Army of God. This is the main group that I’m concerned about and interested in. My hope is that this giant will wake up and rise up – and take their position on the world stage. It is unfortunate that up until this point this group has been, for the most part, silent and ineffective. But this is about to change. This is the group I identify with.

Isaiah 52:1 says: Awake, awake; put on thy strength, O Zion; put on thy beautiful garments, O Jerusalem, the holy city.

As tragic as Pearl Harbor was, it unfortunately was necessary to cause America to act. This time too, the circumstances that have developed are causing people (all three giants) to rise up and push back to what they feel are injustices, prejudices, and unwarranted requirements. Unfortunately, there positions and remedies conflict, and it is causing a great moral, political and ideological chasm here in the U.S. which has led to much violence and destruction.

Although much of what I will refer to here is taking place here in America, the Covid Pandemic and its economic effects are far reaching, and worldwide. Much of what transpires here in America has a worldwide ripple effect. America has done a lot of good for the world over the last hundred years. Had we sat back in the 1940’s, and not gone to war, we all would likely be under some Nazi/Fascist world government. It was unfortunate all the lives that were lost in the process.

Now I don’t want to talk about the giants of the political left and right, but I do want to talk about this third giant of Christian believers.

No matter what happens politically in the next few months, Christians throughout the world will remain under attack on many fronts. For the most part we have been asleep and content with pew sitting. But I believe the trouble we see on our TV’s is coming to our doorsteps, and we will be forced to no longer be silent, but will be required to rise up and take action. Most of us are not used to that, especially here In America. The wonderful blessings of God that we have enjoyed, have lulled us to sleep. We have known no persecution, and have lived in a country of prosperity, liberty, and freedom. I thank God for His wonderful covering and provisions for my family and me all these years. But I believe times have changed and we may be facing radical changes, not only here in the US, but throughout the world.

Many of us have been hearing all of these “end-time prophetic predictions” most of our lives and have become jaded to these pronouncements. But we need to be careful and wake up. We have never witnessed this much radical changes and worldwide trouble and violence as we are witnessing now. We are living through situations that we have never seen before; and this may be just the tip of the iceberg of what we will be facing in the near future. My flesh would love to see things return to the “old normal” – to peace and prosperity – but we need to wake up and rise up; and to be led of the Spirit to know how to prepare for what we will be faced with in the near future.

The Cold War between the United States and Russia ended in 1989. In some respects, it was the battle between Democracy and Marxist-Communism Socialism. For the last three decades there has been a calm, for the most part, regarding this political battle. But strangely enough, we are now seeing a resurgence of Marxist-socialistic ideology in many democracies, especially here in the U.S. Thanks to our “higher education” system, it seems to have captivated the thoughts and hearts of many young people particularly. It is no longer a Cold War from without, but a civil war emerging from within. Not only is this attack against democracy, but against Christians. Against morality, family, and our Biblically based values. Not that I deliberately want to tie these two together, but both democracy and Christianity are under attack throughout the world. Unfortunately, we are only experiencing the beginning of what will likely be the battle of our lifetimes. We must discern the times and seek the mind of the Lord on how we are to respond properly in the days ahead. But I don’t think we will have the luxury to be silent any longer, or to ignore the attacks.

I believe that we are that STANDARD (that third giant) that God is causing to rise up at this time. We may feel like David standing before Goliath. We may not see ourselves as radical and violent, but we must shake ourselves from our pathetic passive lethargy and prepare ourselves for war. This war is not a natural war per se. It’s first spiritual. For our weapons are not carnal; but they are mighty. And our first defense is in prayer. But this war, and our involvement may take a very physical interaction. There may be a requirement for some of us, for more open and direct action in the natural. I don’t know what this will look like exactly, but I do know that it can only come by divine guidance and wisdom, and a divine mandate on how we would move forward. Matthew 11 says: the kingdom of heaven suffereth violence, and the violent take it by force.

We must now count the cost, examine ourselves, and recognize the seriousness of the times we now live in. There are many Christians being persecuted, and even martyred, in many countries throughout the world; but many of us have not yet been faced with this type of requirement or test of our faith. I pray for God’s mercy, but I am not naive to the signs of the times and the trouble that is just before us.

When the enemy shall come in like a flood, the Spirit of the LORD shall lift up a standard against him. I (we) must work the works of him that sent me (us), while it is day: the night cometh, when no man can work.

Let us believe that the enemy has awaken a sleeping giant – the army of God. The enemy may come with great trouble, violence, and terror for a season; but the world has never seen a greater terror than they will witness from the Sons of God coming forth under the anointing and power of Almighty God. Devils will tremble as God establishes His Divine order and His Divine Government here on earth. Let Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven. Let us be vigilant and diligent in our preparation in this Great Army. May God help us!

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