Happy Father’s Day!

First, I want to wish all of the fathers a Happy Father’s Day. I am especially thankful this year to be a father, and to be alive. When you go through a life threatening disease or situation like I did, it really causes you to reflect on your life and your responsibilities. I’m very thankful to the Lord for my four children, two sons-in-law, and seven grandchildren, and pray I can continue to be a great father and grandfather to them.

I like the term grandfather, and even more so great-grandfather. I’m not a great-grandfather yet, but I want to be a GREAT and GRAND father. Great in the sense that I am leading by example, and setting a spiritual standard for my family. I believe I have done that pretty well in the past; but am committed to do an even better job in the future, with God’s help.

The very first institution that God established was marriage between a husband and a wife; and in this he said to be fruitful and multiply. The intent was for these two people to become one, and by it to have children. God could have done it a different way. He could have kept on creating people out of the dust of the earth, or by him just speaking them into existence like the rest of creation. But God chose to have people produced from people, from a father and a mother. I believe to some extent He wanted to give man an aspect of His own creative power. GOD IS CREATIVE. GOD IS LOVE. Everything He creates is GOOD and beautiful and perfect. He gave a piece of this to man. We take procreation so for granted because mothers keep producing babies. But really it is a marvelous miracle – The creative power that God has given in the joining of a man and woman. And although the initial process and birthing falls primarily on the mother, the father has such an awesome responsibility in the rearing, training, providing, protecting and in the development of that child – for that God given miracle. May God help us men to be great fathers to our children. It’s a wonderful gift and calling.

I think of the scripture in I Cor. 4:15 that says: For though ye have ten thousand instructors in Christ, yet have ye not many fathers. This scripture is not talking about natural fatherhood per se, but more so about spiritual fathers. And unfortunately about the lack and need for true spiritually mature men of God that have the heart of THE FATHER. To me that speaks of WISDOM, COMPASSION, MERCY, and LOVE. Not just to our natural children but to everyone that God has placed in our lives. It goes beyond teaching and providing information. It’s talking about discerning the need and imparting something of yourself. I am appreciative to those men in my life that spiritually fathered me, and set an example to me of how a true man of God should act and think.

My father passed away several years ago at 92; but I am thankful to God for my father. And there were several other great men of God in my life that “fathered” me spiritually. Many have passed on, and a few are still alive today. I thank God for these men that influenced me spiritually.  I’m, in part, a product of these men and the ministry that they gave to me. The Clayts, the Cecils, the Wilkersons, the Ravenhills, and the Warnocks have passed on; yet the messages they proclaimed and the standard that they set still ring in my spirit and even guide my life today. I am grateful and thankful for these men of God. I desire to aspire to be this kind of father to those in my life, both to my natural family and to my spiritual family.

It requires two things: first, to continue to go deeper into the Christ and His word; and secondly, to have the opportunity to speak into peoples lives. May God help us.

There is such an attack on marriages, parenthood and natural relationships today. But I’m thankful for the standard that God clearly set 6000 years ago when he ordained marriage and parenthood. It is a privilege and an honor to be a father. And although my four children are grown and on their own. I pray I can still be a true father to them, in a place of counsel and spiritual leadership.

Second, I want to give an update on my health. A week ago they did a CT scan on me, and it showed no signs of cancer. Last Tuesday my surgeon did a scope of my bladder, and there were no signs of any cancer. Praise the Lord! I am cancer free and thanking God for his healing power and for the prayers of God’s people. I am truly grateful, especially to all of you, that have been a part of this journey, followed my healing progress, and truly prayed me back to health. I sincerely thank you and pray God’s special blessing upon you for your faithfulness in standing with me during this time. I will continue to do checkups several times a year, but know that God has delivered me, and am looking forward to many more years of serving him and serving others.

I pray I have many more FATHER’S DAYS. You too!!

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