The Storm Is Here… What is the answer?

THE STORM IS BRINGING ABOUT THE TRUE CHURCH’S GREATEST HOUR. Let me have a Remnant that answers the calling!

Lance Wallnau – The world is in the most significant degree of chaos we’ve seen in our lifetime, but it shouldn’t be a surprise, as we know this is a time of great shaking and promise. We’ve had a pandemic like a biblical plague, a meltdown in the financial markets, and finally, there was a racial incident causing whole nations to be engulfed in a great crisis.

A verse to look at is Mark 4 35-41. When Jesus and the disciples wanted to cross the water to the other side. A great storm arose, and the disciples cried out in fear. Jesus rebuked the wind and spoke peace to the waves. He then asked the disciples why they had no faith. Here’s an insight – in all storms, you have high pressure and low-pressure areas meet to seek resolution. The result of that resolution could be a storm, a hurricane, or as is the case in the Bible, a tempest in the ocean. So the storms we see right now are seeking resolution, and the church is the answer to the storm. We carry the answer to the problem!

The sea in the Bible is a metaphor for peoples, we see in Revelation 13:1 John said, “Then I stood on the sand of the sea. And I saw a beast rising up out of the sea.” Nations are like the waters, and when the waters are in a tempest, it’s because spiritual forces are like weather patterns stirring up the nations. There’s a counterfeit religion in the nations, and you’ll know what I’m talking about. There’s plenty of kneeling going on in Washington, except it’s kneeling for political power, which could turn into a dangerous situation.

[Note: Lance Wallnau has done an excellent job here in discerning the times and presenting his position on current events. I don’t fully agree with everything on his various videos, but his prophetic insight and presentation here is very good. I appreciate his comment about the solution is not Democrat or Republican, or even the general Christian church; but a REMNANT of Christians that will move under the anointing and authority of God. This IS our finest hour. GS]

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