Covid-19 Perspective

There are a lot of opinions and predictions flying around out there these past months. I thank God for His mercy, and I do thank Him that the death rate is going down around the world. We pray that as everyone goes out again after being under the imposed seclusion, that there will not be another spike in the number of cases and the number of deaths.

I’m sad today as I mourn the death of a close brother in the Lord who went home to Glory on Monday after a three week fight with this virus. He was a major blessing and support in my life. I am broken. I feel like someone has punched my in the gut, and I can’t recover. I don’t even know how to respond. I can’t even imagine the pain upon the family. However, I am sure God is sovereign. He knows what’s best. We pray for his wife and family for the comfort of the Holy Spirit will gird them up. He is the first, and I pray the last, one I know that dies from this virus.

This virus is real. People are dying. We need to take precautions and use wisdom. It’s serious and very sad. However, I am still of the persuasion, like many others, that the remedy is worse than the disease. Certainly when this thing first started spreading across the world earlier this year, no one knew the extent or the effect and deaths that it would create. But in hind site, the action by governments and the effect on the economies of nations, particularly the United States, is going to be far worse than the effect of the disease itself. Every death is tragic, and I don’t mean to minimize the grief and loss to hundreds of thousands of families. But to put things in perspective as of June 17, 2020, here are some stats:

I’m sorry that the locations shown are more pertinent to me personally, but it still demonstrates my point.

The focus of my chart here is to show the number of deaths compared to the population of that particular area. The last column shows the percentage of deaths compared to the total population of that area. So you can see that the actual percentage of deaths as of June 17th is in most cases just a few 100ths of a percent. Not even close to 1%. This is still very tragic, but it is still well below many other diseases that are causing deaths at this same time.

I do agree with many that the governmental requirements and response is an over-reaction, and will and has caused a much greater devastation to our lives than the virus itself. I also agree that some or much of this has been orchestrated deliberately to test the population to see how we would react; and to begin to reprogram us to be willing to accept a new order and the “new normal” that will limit our freedoms and institute more control and monitoring of our every move. May God help us.

Many of my posts will show what is being developed today in government, business, technology and religion; and how things is moving toward the invasion of privacy, the collection of our private information, the monitoring of everyone’s activities, and the increase in general control of people. All of this development are playing into Satan’s master. Many are unknowingly are cooperating in bringing about Satan’s end-time plan. All the more, just as we need to take natural precautions regarding the Covid virus, so too do we need the wisdom of the Lord in discerning the times that we live in.

As I’ve said before, we need the mind of the LORD – we need to hear His voice more so than ever. Maybe in the past it wasn’t critical. God was gracious to us, even though we weren’t tuned in as we should have been. We have been so caught up in our daily lives and weren’t depending on hearing God for each day. But I believe WE MUST tune in. In the near future our very lives will depend on hearing Him, and hearing Him CLEARLY.

As we look at the violence happening in the streets of our major cities here in the U.S. it’s still not in our neighborhoods or at our doorstep. It’s in another city. We can sit on our comfortable couch and watch it on our TV’s. But how different it would be if it was down the street, or our lives were threatened, or if our bank accounts disappears, or our jobs weren’t there tomorrow. How would we seek the Lord then. May God help us.

An ounce of prayer now is worth a pound of cure later.

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