The MARK of the BEAST

Here is an interesting video from a Christian professor speaking about the Mark of the Beast and why it ISN’T a physical mark; and why we shouldn’t be concerned about a microchip or a vaccination. He makes some interesting points. Maybe it’s not just one thing, one mark, one device of some kind. We have been so indoctrinated that it’s a physical mark. But maybe we’re already “marked” with all these technologies we’ve grown to use, trust and now can’t do without. He makes the point about facial recognition and the advancement of global monitoring. He states how it could be used to control and even restrict “buying and selling.” It’s very interesting.

He also makes the point that the only way someone will go to hell is by not accepting the Lord Jesus as their personal Savior – not by getting a physical mark or implant. This is true, but we certainly need to be wise and wary of new governmental requirements and advancing technologies.

In one of my Dad’s books he proposed years ago the idea that this MARK may not be a thing, but a mindset. He stated the point that in Revelation 14:9 states this mark being in the hand and in the foreheads. He said that the hand represented that which we DO, and our foreheads represented OUR THOUGHTS or OUR MIND. This could very well be the case. It puts in question our ACTIONS, our THOUGHTS and our INTENTS. Are we slowly being MARKED without knowing it, through society, and media, and technologies, and laws, and “pandemics?”

Some speculate that this Pandemic was just a test by governments and/or the hidden global powers to see how people would react. Whether they would obey whatever policy was mandated. (I’m not advocating civil disobedience here). If that be the case, now they know that we can easily be controlled, and can be led like sheep to the slaughter. What would we do if they said for the sake and “good of the public” we all must get vaccinated and get electronically registered; and if we don’t, we will not be able to work, or bank or have a cellphone, or use the Internet, or … How many of us would cave in to these demands? Is it possible? ABSOLUTELY!

With what we’ve seen develop in recent months, we have never witnessed a period when so much worldwide change and control has happened is such a short amount of time. And through the fear of the loss of life, health and livelihood – governments have been able to brainwash us into voluntarily giving up our rights, liberties, our privacy, and our freedoms. Again, we could be “marked” already in our thinking, and reprogrammed for the “new normal.”

I’m reminded of the story about the frog being put in a pan of cold water, then turning on the burner. It will sit there an eventually boil to death because it doesn’t sense the gradual change. May this be a wake up call and may we hear from Him to discern the times.

Bill Gates is Setting the Stage for the Mark of the Beast

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