Let me clarify my use of YouTube and other outside links

I know I’m going to be misunderstood here by some, because many of the videos and links to other websites are going to be from people with strong political or religious positions. Many of the links that I will post here may give you the impression that I am promoting some political agenda, or that I’m a right wing, conservative political proponent. That is far from the truth. In fact you will find that I am probably the least politically involved person you will probably ever meet. I am not political; and am certainly not trying to “save America” or promoting any political party or agenda. This holds true as well for the various “Christian” and spiritually related websites, links or videos that I may use in my posts. Please understand that even though I may use these resources, I am using them just to make you aware of the various viewpoints out there, or that they provide some support to the subject matter I am writing about. I am not necessarily promoting their remedy or ideology. Please discern the chaff from the wheat.

When I share these posts, I may shock some of you or wind up causing you to really question my thinking. I may even offend some of you. But I hope you will see my heart, ponder my presentation, and know that I am after truth, to expose deception (which there’s a lot of!!), and that I am after Christ being fully formed in us. Please take what you feel is of God and set aside the rest. Me, you, this blog are all a work in progress.

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