There are various governments, corporate and world organizations, and powerful globalists that have what may seem like separate, diverse and unrelated goals and agendas; but make no mistake, if they are not in direct communication and have a unified master plan, we must recognized that Satan is the mastermind behind all of them, and he is using them as pawns to bring about his plan and his kingdom. They may be deceived thinking they are philanthropic or are doing mankind some great service. But they are just a pawn in Satan’s master plan.

I could spend pages talking about the plans of Satan and those he is using for his purposes. I’m sure future posts will discuss these. But we know the end of THE BOOK. We’ve read the last chapter. We know the end of the story. We know who wins in the end. We know who is victorious and we know who is defeated. WE ARE ON THE WINNING TEAM, and that encourages us as we fight on. Praise His name forever.

Our Father doesn’t just have a master plan, He has THE Master’s Plan. This plan was designed and determined before the foundations of the earth. The Victory was established in advance of any battle or breach. He provided the vaccine, the remedy, before the disease was created. He spoke the RHEMA of Resurrection Life before death was even contemplated. He is Jehovah Jira, the Great Provider. He is the Almighty God, the undefeated one. The victor. The Lord of Hosts, the God of gods. HE HAS THE MASTER PLAN and it’s about to unleashed upon the realms of darkness. Amen… amen.

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