NO CHANGE.. I assure you!

After reading many of my posting on this site you may think I’ve gone a little crazy or become some radical lunatic. I want to assure you that nothing has changed. I’ve not all of the sudden become some crazy fear monger, or fallen prey to all the wild conspiracy theories flying around out there. I’m the same solid, level-headed guy you’ve all come to know and love :). In fact in setting up this blog site I found that I’ve attempted to do this on several occasions, even as far back to 2009. I just never got it put together. Now I pray I will be able get it going.

There are things I’ll share here that will probably surprise many of you, even to those that have known me for decades. These are unprecedented times; and it calls for unprecedented action. I guess this is my part.

Please be aware that this website is subject to change, as I am subject to change, as greater understanding is made clear to me. The things I may present one day, I may retract the next or make additions or adjustments. It’s a dynamic, flexible, a work in progress – as we all are (or should be). We see through a glass darkly, but as we pursue God with all our hearts, I believe he is clearing up our vision and helping us to see more perfectly in DISCERNING THE TIMES.

2 thoughts on “NO CHANGE.. I assure you!

  1. This is amazing to see all this you have put together! I am greatful for A compilation of articles, scriptures, and your thoughts all in an easy to read format!
    Thank you! Love C


  2. Wow! This is great! I so appreciate being able to see articles, scriptures and your thoughts all in one easy to read format. Thank you for this!
    Love C


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