Technocracy – Bureaucratic control using technology

This video was sent to me today as just one of many that supports and recaps many of the concerns that I have regarding technology. There are a lot of wild conspiracies out there that are not true and just crazy speculation. However, there is enough evidence of the efforts by governments, corporations and individuals to collect, maintain and use our digital “footprint” that we provide every single day of our lives through credit cards, online purchases, emails, text messages, Google searches, Facebook posts, etc, etc.

In the United States the National Security Agency (NSA) developed a facility several years ago called the Utah Data Center outside of Salt Lake. I’m very concerned that this mega-computer center, and others like it around the world, that are now being used to store all of this electronic information on at least everyone in the U.S., and likely many people around the world. This not in the planning stage; this project was complete in 2019 and is UP and Operational. This again came as a result of 9/11 and “National Security.” But the justification to “catch the bad guys” they need to capture every bid of data on EVERYONE!

Here are some videos:

The U.S. Official website on the Utah Data Center all in the name of defense and security. (I Thess. 5:3)

FoxNews Report on the Utah Data Center

We can see clearly what China has done in implementing total population surveillance and control. We need to wake up and realize it’s not coming to America and the world… ITS HERE!!

We have witnessed the agenda of Bill Gates and other supporters of a worldwide “vaccination” that will be inserted in the general population. This will be done in the name of health and saving lives. But we must see the plan of the Enemy to “mark” people. Even if the mandatory vaccine was inert, and had no health risks to it, the ID card/chip/tatoo that will come with it, and will be required to “buy and sell” and basically function in every day life, as we know it, will further support the digital footprint that will be created by those that receive it.

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